February 04, 2011

How to manage your blog visitor ?, and make they come back to read the newest contents on your blog ?, one way to tell the latest update of your blog with RSS, it will notify all the new content on your blog to subscriber. You can also use blog follower to know how much people who often come to your blog.

Most people come to your blog not more than five minutes or less, therefor make your blog be interesting to read, unique, essentially make the visitors feel at home longer on your blog.

Alright you have already know how to notify your visitors all the newest contens on your blog, now i'll tell you how to notify search engine all the new contents on your blog. Sometimes search engine's robot (not in the real sense) slow to crawling your blog and of course you can lose traffic and potential visitors because of it.

Therefor there's a solution for you who wants to notify the newest updates or newest contents on your blog to search engine, to adding your blog updates to them, this way called "blog pinging". By this way you can informs to search engine and the other site that your blog has been updated. There are some site on the internet that provide blog pinging services. One of wich that worth to try is pingomatic.com. This site provide free blog pinging services to tens of site and search engine. All that you need to start it  is  Only your url blog, feed or RSS if you have it.

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